Inspired Moments

Sometimes there are moments in an afternoon gathering when children have reflected within themselves upon the theme and the stories, and choose to offer something from their own creative spirit, something they have thought of themselves. These can’t always be captured because often they are incidental comments or the way an artwork is approached. But sometimes they are shared in a way that can be recorded… so when this happens, this is where they’ll be…



“I love leaves because they remind me of trees and I love trees because they are homes for animals and insects and they are part of all the nature in the whole world even into space and all the planets and we need all of it together.”



“I found these
 five leaves and I noticed that they were the leaves for the seasons and the changes. First there is the new born green leaf and then it changes and it is just a little but yellow for autumn. And then it is all changed and the colour is orange. Then it is a bit brown at the top because it is ending and then it all brown like a dead leaf.”


“I wanted to make this bird using the feathers.
It helped me to be calm and not distracted when it was time to be quiet.” 

“I found these flowers when I was walking outside. I also found the snail shell. I want to put the flowers with my stone because the flowers grow and then they change and also the snail shell changed too.”

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