The Rhythm of Knitting

During some of our Kaleidoscope gatherings, we have engaged in craft activities that take a long time to complete. Some of these use repetitive motion that, by its rhythm, becomes meditative and soothing. Many children have expressed how much they have enjoyed these crafts, experiencing a sense of calm. Children noticed the peaceful feeling they had when sitting with companionable friends in a quiet space, with a rhythmic task to do with their hands. Some of the activities have included making blankets and making God’s Eyes.

We have now started a knitting project that children will continue with from session to session. Using French knitting, they will make a long enough knitted rope to make a scarf, a coil rug or something else surprising!

Here is our beginning…

We will continue to record our progress and creations…

Some enthusiastic knitters continued with their craft. One child said she wanted it to be long enough to go around the world twice! Another said that she had decided to make it into a very long scarf for her mum!

New children join in and enjoy the peacefulness of quiet conversation whilst doing something with their hands. I am asked again not to tell their mum that they are making a surprise gift!

 New friends learn to knit together…

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