Candle Mats

When children arrive at Kaleidoscope, they come to the Gathering Circle where we all sit on our own carpet square. They then collect items for making their own Candle Mat – a focus for our meditation time. They really enjoy this creative process, changing their designs each time and exploring different patterns and styles. Their creations are beautiful! It is a simple activity that helps to signify a sacred space. It is a simple thing to do at home too. Candlelight invites quiet and reminds children that they can be peaceful. 

We will photograph these from time to time and share them on this post page…

Such care in the details and arranging…

With the autumn sunshine streaming in…

Tamara's mat

Lots of creative designs…

And a double mat made by two friends together…

FullSizeRender (5)

Enjoying a variety of items and patterns…

Creative and colourful…

Another collaborative creation in which: “all the blue stones make a river running across the everything and around all the rocks and shells.”


Fun with all the feathers and glass pebbles…IMG_1276

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