At the beginning of the year, our first Kaleidoscope gathering focused on ‘A Calm Start to School.’ Stories and activities facilitated the exploration of this. One of our shared conversations invited each child to think of something they were worried or nervous about and, rather than saying that aloud, to reframe it as a hope. We then passed around the engraved ‘Hope’ stone to take turns sharing our hope for the new year. 

Kaleidoscope Affirmations Booklets
One of the activities, on this day, was making an ‘Affirmations Booklet’. Children could choose a coloured notebook that had a special title page explaining that affirmations were words and pictures that encouraged them and made them smile, and reminded them of their own special qualities and goodness. Leaders wrote messages to each child and children could write messages to each other. These were so popular that there is now a table set up each time where children can add quotes, comments and pictures to their booklets. Some children have been making them for other family members, friends at school and people known to them who are unwell.

Such spontaneous kindness from children is a gift in our world. 

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