About Kaleidoscope’s Blog


We created our blog to celebrate one year of Kaleidoscope.
April 2016 marked this anniversary. We have been delighted with the response to the program and continue to value the wonderful feedback from parents and children.
Every few weeks, children gather together for a contemplative afternoon. With 15 – 25 children each time, many children come occasionally or frequently, to enjoy quiet afternoons together in friendship and community. 

Responding and Sharing…
We are also responding to families who have shown interest in knowing a little more about the children’s experiences at particular afternoons. This is how the blog is set up:
The blog has a home page – this can be returned to, by clicking on the heading ‘Kaleidoscope’  found on the main photo (of the prayer flags in a tree).
On the home page, there are reflective posts with general headings about the Kaleidoscope philosophy, intentions and activities.
There is also a Shared Experiences post that will be regularly updated with details of specific afternoons. 

Contact Us…
Kaleidoscope is hosted by Benedictus Contemplative Church. More information about Kaleidoscope and about Benedictus can be found on the website
http://www.benedictus.com.au (click ‘Children’ to find Kaleidoscope details and contact information).

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