Listening to Nature

At Kaleidoscope, there are many ways in which the children are invited to listen to nature, to notice nature and to wonder about what nature is saying to us. We have explored many metaphors in nature about growing, changing and blossoming.  Recently, we went outside on a beautiful autumn afternoon and made ourselves as quiet as possible. The pictures above capture three of the spots in the garden that children chose to sit. After a while we gathered in a circle on the grass and shared our experiences. Children described what they heard as: rustling, blowing, twittering, birdsong, whispers and a bit of traffic! When asked how they felt they offered words like: peaceful,  calm, quiet and happy. Many children said this was their favourite part of the afternoon. Children are natural explorers of the outside environment and are soothed by immersing themselves in a small corner of the natural world. 


Here are some beautiful banners that children made, as reminders of our experiences of listening to nature. Pausing and noticing, seeing and listening… there is much that speaks to our spirits. We can learn from nature’s lessons and be inspired by nature’s stories.

At Kaleidoscope we talk about the gift of nature to us and the importance of being kind to our earth and all that it holds. It is lovely to see the way children relax and become at peace, when resting outside in the sunshine, on the grass, near a tree… may we all make such spaces in our daily lives…

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