Labyrinth Walk

Sometimes at Kaleidoscope we have a Labyrinth Walk, using the labyrinth outside on the ground. A labyrinth is a special kind of prayer where people mindfully walk from the edge, to the centre, and back again. We are invited to pause in the centre, perhaps metaphorically leave something behind, before walking back with new intention.

The children have done the walk using a pebble and feather. They picked up a pebble at the beginning and decided what it represented – perhaps a worry or confusion. They walked into the centre and then, as a symbol of letting go, put the pebble down. They then picked up a feather, as a symbol of feeling lighter and walked back out of the labyrinth. We most recently did a labyrinth walk the day before the new school year began, as a gentle reminder that we can name our worries and trust that God hears our thoughts and helps us feel at peace. 

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