Skytime & Prayer Flags

Skytime is often a feature of our afternoon.Children are invited to find a place outside by themselves and enjoy being quiet and still whilst gazing at the sky. They may lie on the grass or lean on a tree to simply enjoy the sky. This is something we can all do anytime, perhaps pausing attention to our breathing at the same time and allowing a sense of calm to fill us. Wherever we are, we can usually see a scrap of sky and remember the beauty and vastness of our world. 

One time we learnt about Prayer Flags and the symbolism of hanging out in the open air. We made our very own set of flags to string up in our gardens.

Prayer Flags
Prayer flags are a tradition from thousands of years ago, from the country of Nepal. They are a sacred symbol of hope and peace. Prayer flags are traditionally hung outside as a way of praying for health and harmony for everyone and everything in the world. These silent prayers are like blessings spoken on the wind that spread like the breeze. When prayer flags are hung respectfully they show that you believe in the oneness of all living things. They are a prayer from your heart for goodness in the world.

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