Kaleidoscope – Contemplative Kids

cropped-cropped-k-sunWelcome to our Kaleidoscope Blog; the place where you can learn and discover more about our Kaleidoscope program – our contemplative afternoons for children.

Each gathering is shaped around a theme through the use of stories, reflections and art & crafts. These themes enable the children to reflect on particular ideas, express their thoughts and creativity, and share ways in which we might all pay attention  in the context of our lives. Mindfulness for children is about learning how to look and listen more slowly, with open hearts and minds. Each afternoon is an open, exploratory experience. 

Conversations with children after Kaleidoscope provide them with ways to articulate their learning and reflect with others about it, thus deepening their understanding of their experiences. Such conversations are enriched by some shared knowledge which is our intention in creating this Blog. Families can enjoy the blog together and converse about Kaleidoscope. We hope you enjoy it.

Each afternoon begins with a gathering circle with children making a ‘Candle Mat’ for meditation time. We greet one another with the ancient word ‘Namaste’ meaning The light in me honours the light in you.” From such a place of shared acceptance and respect we enter the afternoon’s experiences, before gathering again at the end to reflect on and share our learning. 


5 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope – Contemplative Kids

  1. ‘Contemplative afternoons for children’ – these kids will look back on their kaleidoscope afternoons in the future and see them as a real gift…or perhaps they already do. 😊


  2. Sometimes before my children go to Kaleidoscope, they are restless, tired and hesitant. It’s like they are aware of the ‘slowing down’ that is about to take place and this can be a hard idea for active children to think about! But, as I’ve heard meditation described, it’s as if they have been through a ‘mental shower’ and every single time they emerge from that lovely cocoon that is Kaleidoscope, they seem renewed, calm and inspired.


  3. Now my daughter is asking me – Mum can I go to kaleidoscope please? What a special space, loved by the children and so reviving for their spirit in such a busy world. And as a parent I appreciate the range of teaching activities and professional learning approach that underpins it all. A blessing.


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